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A duopoly (from Greek δύο, duo (two) + πωλεῖν, polein (to sell)) is a form of oligopoly where only two sellers exist in one market. In practice, the term is

Mature Market 102

Definition of market: A public place where buyers and sellers make transactions, directly or via intermediaries. Also sometimes means the stock market.

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Definition of mature market: A market that has reached a state of equilibrium marked by the absence of significant growth or innovation.

A mature industry may be at its peak or just past it. While earnings may be stable, growth prospects are few and far between. Mature industries are characterized by

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Press Release Worldwide Smartphone Market Will See the First Single-Digit Growth Year on Record, According to IDC 03 Dec 2015 FRAMINGHAM, Mass. December 3, 2015

Jun 21, 2016 · More companies are recognizing the value of mature workers—and they’re starting to hire them.

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full-grown: said as of plants or s ripe: said as of fruit fully developed: said as of a mind adult in age, experience, etc.: a movie for a mature audience

The MetLife Mature Market Institute® The MetLife Mature Market Institute is the company’s information and policy resource center on issues related to aging

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