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The graph shows that nearly a third of males who masturbate prone suffer from erectile dysfunction most of the time they have sexual intercourse, while only 5 percent

Worried that you can’t last as long as you want to in bed, because your stamina is not too good? If so, check out these sexual stamina-boosting tips to prolong your

What’s REALLY Causing Your Low Sex Drive? If you have low sex drive, you may have a form of female sexual dysfunction called hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or HSDD.

Healthy Sexual 65

The Healthy Youth Survey provides important survey results about the health of cents in Washington. County prevention coordinators, community mobilization

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I tried masturbating once. It didn’t feel good. I think I was doing it wrong. Now and then I get a sexual urge and feel the need to masturbate.

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BodySafe is an interactive secondary college programme that promotes healthy relationships by having open and supportive conversations about consent, respect and being

Boost your relationship. Have great sex tonight. Here are 100+ tips for a happy and healthy sex life from Everyday Health.

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Healthy Sexual 60 is a large source of wellness, integrative medicine, alternative therapies and mind-body-spirit health information. Comprehensive, in-depth collection of

Mandates: The Legislature recognizes the importance of physical education in maintaining healthy ren and urges California colleges to fulfill their physical

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Sexual health advice and support site. Offers advice on all aspects and provides links to specialist services. Also provides advice for parents and carers.

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